Smile Makeovers in a Single Visit With New Dental Technology

Imagine walking into your dentist’s office and leaving a couple of hours later with a stunning new smile. Bloomington Modern Dentistry has made this dream a reality by offering an advanced care system and modern dental technology that can get you from diagnosis to treatment planning to execution of procedures in only a day.

Here’s how we’ve made same day smile makeovers a reality and how you can find out if you’re a candidate.

Digital X-Rays and Cone Beam 3D Imaging

Digital imaging technology has advanced to the point that dentists can see your entire oral anatomy, inside and out, in extreme detail by using only a couple of specific machines. Our dentists will use two types of dental technology to get diagnostic images for patients wanting a smile makeover in a day.

Digital X-rays are the most frequently used form of digital imaging and one that you’re probably very familiar with. While traditional X-rays took time to develop and sometimes lacked clarity, digital X-rays create a nearly instant image with excellent detail. Digital X-ray machines also minimize radiation exposure, making it safer and more comfortable for patients.

Cone Beam 3D imaging is the latest advancement in digital imaging technology and it’s especially useful in the field of dentistry. Digital X-rays are a staple for diagnosing dental problems, like tooth decay or bone loss, but they can only offer a two-dimensional image. Our i-CAT 3D imaging machine is able to scan your smile in seconds and create an accurate 3D digital model of your entire smile. This 3D digital model allows your dentist to see your teeth and jaw from all angles, which is invaluable for diagnosing complex dental problems, designing dental restorations to fit your mouth, and placing restorations or dental implants with extreme precision.

With your digital X-rays and cone beam 3D image model available immediately, your dentist is able to begin creating your smile makeover plan right away.

CEREC Same Day Dental Crown Technology

CEREC technology is what truly makes same day smile makeovers possible. CEREC or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic, is a type of software dentists use to design and mill dental crowns in their office.

Traditionally, if you needed a dental crown, your dentist would take an impression of the tooth and send the information to a dental lab to have the crown milled. The problem is you would have to wait a few weeks for the permanent crown to be sent back. By having the power to create beautiful and durable dental crowns while the patient is in their chair, dentists can offer a complete smile transformation in a single day.

After reviewing your digital images, your dentist will prep your teeth for the crowns by removing any decay or damaged tooth structure, as well as a small amount of enamel to allow for the thickness of the crown. A digital impression is taken of each tooth and your dentist uses the CEREC software to design the crown, which is then milled in the machine.

Once the crowns are complete, your dentist will move forward with placing them and making any minor adjustments to ensure a perfect fit. After a final shaping and polishing, your new smile is finished!

OraVerse Anesthesia Reversal

Your same day smile makeover experience ends with one final step: OraVerse.

OraVerse is a simple injection given after treatment is complete to help reverse the effects of the local anesthetic. It helps your anesthetic wear off in about half the time as it would naturally, which means you get to enjoy your new smile quicker, without a droopy lip and numb face.

Are you a candidate for a same day smile makeover?

The idea of a smile makeover in a day is exciting, but it isn’t always the right choice for every person.

If you’re in good health and your treatment plan only involves placing a couple of crowns, you’re likely a candidate. However, if you need numerous crowns placed, require speciality crowns, or your smile makeover involves several procedures, it may be best for the appointment to be split into more than one visit. Your dentist will always recommend the option that is safest, most comfortable, and most effective based on your individual needs.

To learn more about smile makeovers and find out if you’re a candidate for same-day treatment, all you need to do is book a consultation. You can schedule your appointment with our Bloomington, IL, dentists via phone or online request.