Resolve to better your oral health in the new year!

As the calendar turns over to another year, and we become older and wiser, you may be looking for a New Year’s resolution that you can keep and stick to all year long. At Bloomington Modern Dentistry, we want to help you ring in the new year with five resolutions that will help you keep up with your oral health routine throughout the year, keeping your mouth healthy and happy.

1. Commit to regular dental checkups.

If you aren’t in the habit of visiting Bloomington Modern Dentistry at least every six months, you need to get in the habit of visiting our office regularly. Preventative dental care is crucial to keep your teeth in a healthy condition. Preventative dental care and dental evaluations allow our team to evaluate your teeth to look for possible cavities or dental caries that could turn into cavities.

Often, our team will use dental X-rays to evaluate not only the condition of your teeth but to also make sure there are no issues with your jaw. Preventative dental care is key to making sure your smile stays dazzling, and also serves as a way to catch any dental issues before they become major problems that can cause you pain, not only to your mouth but your wallet.

2. Adopt a consistent daily oral hygiene routine.

The best way to keep your smile healthy well into the new year is by consistently taking care of your teeth, which includes brushing at least twice a day and flossing once a day.

The team at Bloomington Modern Dentistry recommends their patients brush their teeth for a minimum of two minutes each time they brush. To ensure you are brushing your teeth correctly, here are some brushing tips:

  • Make sure you are using products recommended by the American Dental Association. Those products will have an ADA seal on them, which means dentists across the country recommend the products for brushing.
  • When brushing, make sure you are brushing all surfaces of your teeth, including the tops, backs, and sides of your teeth. Use small, circular motions while holding your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to your gumline to make sure all surfaces are being cleaned.
  • To make sure you are spending enough time on your teeth, break your mouth up into four quadrants, and make sure you brush each section for 30 seconds.
  • Don’t skip the floss! Flossing your teeth is important because it helps to sweep away any food particles or bacteria that may be stuck between teeth, or along the gumline.
  • Many dentists recommend using a mouthwash with fluoride. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps to keep teeth strong. You can also look for added fluoride in your choice of toothpaste.

3. Make healthy dietary choices for your teeth.

Besides brushing and flossing at least twice a day, your teeth also need vitamins and minerals to help maintain their health. So when you are making your food choices, keep some of these items in mind, as they’ll benefit more than just your teeth.

  • Choose food items that are high in calcium, like low-fat dairy products. Calcium helps fortify teeth and bones, making it a good choice for your overall health. Besides dairy products, some foods are fortified with calcium, like breakfast cereals.
  • Dark, leafy greens are full of vitamins and antioxidants that are great for your overall health. Leafy greens also require a lot of chewing, which stimulates saliva, which helps to clean away some of the bad bacteria in your mouth.
  • Crunchy fruits and vegetables can act as nature’s toothbrushes. Because of their fibrous nature, these foods can “swipe” away food particles and bacteria as you chew. Celery, apples, and carrots are great items to snack on during the day.
  • Drink plenty of water. Not only does it help your overall health, but sipping on water throughout the day won’t cause damage to your teeth, like sipping on coffee, soda, or juices will.

4. Quit harmful habits for a happier mouth.

If you are a tobacco user, the new year is the perfect time to finally quit the habit. Besides causing oral, throat and lung cancer, tobacco use can cause bad breath, gingivitis, and even tooth loss. In fact, smokers are twice as likely to suffer tooth loss than nonsmokers.

If you drink alcohol, you should also consider limiting your alcohol consumption in the new year. People who consume alcoholic drinks are more likely to have poor oral health habits, which can lead to bad breath, cavities, and tooth loss.

So if you are looking to help make your smile glow in the new year, kick some of the bad habits you have been forming throughout the years.

5. Explore dental implants for smile restoration.

If you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, Bloomington Modern Dentistry offers dental implants as an alternative to dentures. Dental implants are the best tooth replacement option that modern dentistry has to offer. The process involves having an artificial root inserted into your gum, and after it heals, adding a realistic-looking tooth.

The benefits mean that your new tooth works just like your other natural teeth, with no food restrictions or adapted dental routines. While the process is more involved and has a higher up-front cost than other options, such as dentures, it is a lifelong solution that restores your appearance, tooth function, and comfort. A consultation with your dentist is the best place to start to see if dental implants could be the solution for you.

Let us help you keep your oral health resolutions.

The new year brings an opportunity for fresh starts and new, healthy habits. But we want you to know you are not alone. It can be daunting trying to stay on top of everything you need to do to keep your smile happy, which is where we come in. The best place to start is by scheduling a consultation with our team in Bloomington, Illinois. We’ve got all the tips, tricks, and solutions to give you a great start to the new year.