The Advantage of Dental Implants

In decades past, dentists treated tooth loss with full or partial dentures and dental bridges. Both restorations are still common today, and they remain excellent treatment options for people who need an affordable, noninvasive solution for their missing teeth. However, dental implants are quickly taking over as the superior solution.

Dental implants are a precious investment in your oral and overall health. They outlast other restorations, provide the most natural look and feel, and allow you to live your life as if you had a full, natural smile.

Here’s why you should strongly consider dental implants if you’re facing tooth loss or are unhappy with your dentures.

Why Dental Implants Triumph

The shift toward dental implants becoming standard care is for one significant reason: they are a near-perfect mimic for the look, feel, and function of natural teeth.

The inherent disadvantage with other restorations is that they fill visible gaps in a person’s smile but don’t fill the space left in a person’s jawbone. The anatomy of our mouth and jaw structure relies on the roots of our teeth to stimulate the bone. Without these roots, the jawbone slowly begins to shrink away as our bodies reabsorb the bone structure as calcium in our blood.

You may have noticed that people who’ve had missing teeth for a long time have a more sunken face and small jaws, despite wearing dentures. You might attribute this to age, but it has more to do with the loss of healthy bone density in the jaw structure.

Dental implants prevent bone loss because the titanium post that supports your crown is inserted into the jawbone so it can fuse with it. As far as your body is concerned, a fully-healed implant post is a tooth root, allowing you to maintain your jawbone density and face structure.

Dental Implant Restoration Options

Modern dental implant treatment is versatile, and your dentist will be able to restore your smile in one of two ways.

Single Implants

When most people think of dental implants, single implant treatment is what probably comes to mind. It involves replacing one missing tooth with one dental implant. Your dentist will use single implant treatment if you only have one missing tooth or a couple of missing teeth in different areas of your smile.

Implant-Supported Dentures

The average adult with wisdom teeth removed has a total of 28 teeth, or 14 per arch. With this in mind, single implant treatment isn’t feasible when a person has extensive or complete tooth loss. Dentists will instead recommend implant-supported dentures.

Implant-supported dentures combine the best of dentures and dental implants. Your dentist will place four to eight implants per arch, and a custom denture will attach to the posts. Your new smile will have the longevity and stability of dental implants with the ease of a denture prosthetic.

Long-Term Expectations for Dental Implants

Life with dental implants is a breeze compared to dentures or bridgework.

You can expect your dental implant restorations to last an average of 20 years. The implant itself will be permanent, but the crown or denture that rests on top will need to be replaced as it wears down.

The long-term maintenance expenses of dental implants are considerably less than dentures or bridges. Standard dentures and bridges only last around five to 10 years, and your dentures will need relining after a year or two.

Maintaining your oral health is also much more manageable with dental implants. You won’t need to use special solutions or pastes as you would with dentures, and you won’t have difficulty brushing and flossing as you might with a bridge. You’ll simply take care of them like natural teeth.

Another thing to consider is your lifestyle and diet. Dental implants allow you to return to a normal diet, while dentures create dietary restrictions. Many patients who’ve upgraded from dentures to dental implants remark on how much simpler daily life is with implants. They no longer have to deal with sticky adhesive or the fear of a denture slipping out of place.

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