Dental anxiety is a serious concern for patients of all ages. In fact, studies show that up to 36% of people experience dental anxiety, with 12% having a severe fear of visiting the dentist.

Anxiety around visiting the dentist can arise from many different factors. You might have had a bad experience in the past or have heard about a negative experience from someone else. The portrayal of dentist appointments in the media can also contribute to dental anxiety.

Let the team at Bloomington Modern Dentistry help you manage your dental anxiety.

Making sure that you find a dentist who provides a calm and relaxing environment can greatly improve your experience. At Bloomington Modern Dentistry, we take a variety of measures to ensure that our patients have the care and accommodations they need for a pleasant treatment experience.

Here are 4 reasons why you can count on a comfortable dentist appointment when you choose Bloomington Modern Dentistry:

1. Ask anyone about Bloomington Modern Dentistry.

One of the best ways that you can find a compassionate dentist for your family is to ask around and find out more about their reputation. You can ask your friends and family here in Bloomington about their experiences, and we’re sure many of them will report being satisfied with the care we provide at Bloomington Modern Dentistry.

You can always check out online reviews when choosing a dentist for your family as well. Bloomington Modern Dentistry has been reviewed by hundreds of satisfied patients.

Our patient, Amber, says, “Dr. Baker and his staff were wonderful to work with. His work on my son’s broken tooth was outstanding. Appreciate his family values and the friendly, outgoing staff!”

About her experience with us, Julie says, “Once upon a time, I had a severe dentist phobia. Dr. Nic Baker and his staff gently, patiently, and expertly walked alongside me as I fixed the issues I had. Now I go every six months, and I am not even phased. Everyone at Modern Dentistry is fantastic!”

An office tour is another great way to determine whether a dentist is the best fit for you. If you’re still not sure if Bloomington Modern Dentistry is right for you and your family, you can always reach out to schedule a tour of our office. We’re happy to show you around and answer any questions you might have about our care.

2. We can accommodate your needs.

When you make a dentist appointment at Bloomington Modern Dentistry, our team can provide a variety of accommodations to improve your experience. We encourage every patient to bring up any concerns they might have. Our team is always ready to hear your concerns and discuss your treatment in depth.

If you’ve dealt with dental anxiety in the past, then we can take a few simple steps for a more comfortable dentist appointment. One of the most common is to set up a plan to communicate, even when the dentist is working on your teeth, such as raising your left hand if you’re uncomfortable.

We provide a calm and comfortable environment for all patients, which can help offset the impact of dental anxiety. Our friendly and professional staff will walk you through your treatment carefully so that there aren’t any surprises.

3. We offer more ways to deal with dental anxiety.

There are additional steps we can take to deal with dental anxiety. Deep breathing techniques are often among the most effective. Our team can help you get your breathing under control so that panic doesn’t worsen your dental anxiety during treatment.

We also encourage patients to bring along earplugs or headphones if that helps them deal with the sounds of dental equipment. Of course, bringing along a friend or family member for support during your procedure is a great idea as well, in addition to distraction techniques.

4. We provide sedation dentistry options.

At Bloomington Modern Dentistry, we understand that dental anxiety can vary in intensity between individual patients. In some cases, a soothing environment and calming exercises aren’t enough to ensure a comfortable dentist experience.

Our team provides IV sedation to accommodate patients with severe dental anxiety. Along with eliminating pain, IV sedation is also a safe and simple way to induce a relaxed state for the duration of the procedure. This makes dental treatment bearable so that every patient can enjoy good oral health.

Local anesthetic is generally sufficient for most patients undergoing dental procedures. It blocks pain in that specific area but leaves you fully lucid. If you’re concerned about dental anxiety, please bring it up with our team, and we can discuss which sedation option is right for you.

Come get to know the team at Bloomington Modern Dentistry.

Whether you’re looking for routine dental care for your family or specific dental procedures, the team at Bloomington Modern Dentistry provides quality care in a calm and comfortable environment. Reach out to the best Bloomington dentist for dental anxiety to find out more about treatment accommodations.